Session 1 mar 11

Aggra, Spider, and Snow, three arena competitors have entered into the first maze. They must clear each room, and make their way to the exit. Killing or attacking each other with lethal damage will result in disqualification of the attacking combatant. Spider and Snow slayed a gnoll in the first room, while Aggra stood back letting them take the damage. In the next room, the three of them then took out two goblins. Spider climbed the statue in the center of the room, and located the three surrounding rooms. All monsters in those rooms have identified her, but she did not identify them. She chose to share the locations of the other rooms with Aggra and Snow. They entered the room north of them, where three skeletons rose from their coffins. Each undead was defeated. Before ending the session snow was able to move into the room south east of them and now stands over a river of dead competitors.

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